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Cells4research operates through partnerships and collaborations with both public and private organizations, such as hospitals, universities, government agencies, medical biotechnology companies, medical foundations and other NGO’s .

Tissue Donation
Cells4research cooperates with centers for hepatobiliary surgery of partner hospitals in several Asian countries which provide donated hepatic tissue from non-transplantable human livers and partial therapeutic hepatectomies.

In addition to these tissue sources, we increasingly work with induced pluripotent stem cells derived from adult somatic cells, which can be useful tools for drug development and disease modelling.

Further reading:
Wu MC, Shen F: Progress in research of liver surgery in China (2000)

Appasani K, Appasani R (Ed.): Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (2011)

Cell Processing
Cells4research works with partner laboratories in several Asian and European countries who process the hepatic tissue donated through the partner hospitals. Processing includes:
  • Tissue pathology testing
  • Tissue slicing
  • Tissue dissociation and cell isolation
  • Cell culturing
  • Cell characterisation
  • Cell cryo-preservation

Our strategic partner for cell processing is Novamass Analytical in Finland. Novamass also provides early-ADME contract research for drug discovery and development. Their core competence is in vitro drug metabolism studies of NCEs and related pharmacology.

Further reading:
Mitry RR et al: Progress in human hepatocytes isolation, culture cryopreservation (2002)

Maurel P (Ed.): Hepatocytes, Methods and Protocols (2010)

Research and Development
Cells4research funds applied and fundamental research in universities in Asia and Europe, focused on:
  • Optimisation of liver tissue preservation procedures
  • Optimisation of hepatocyte isolation procedures
  • Optimisation of cell cryo-preservation procedures
  • Stem cell-to-hepatocyte differentiation protocols

Further reading:
Li G, Liu Y, Liang J: Isolation and protective effect in UW solution of human hepatocytes during cold storage (2003)

Liver Disease Prevention
Cells4research funds activities of government agencies and NGO’s to promote the prevention, detection and treatment of liver diseases in East and South-east Asia, particularly tumors of the bile duct (cholangiocarcinoma) linked to infection with food-borne parasites such as Clonorchis sinensis and Opistorchis viverrini.

Activities supported include:

  • Information, education and communication to increase awareness and change behaviour
  • Mass screening and treatment with anthelminthic drugs (such as Praziquantel)
  • Reduction of parasite transmission, by improving sanitation, water management , aquaculture and food safety.

Further reading:

Lun ZR et al: Clonorchiasis, a key foodborne zoonosis in China (2005)

WHO-FAO: Food-borne trematode infections in Asia (2003)

Chan HH et al: The clinical and cholangiographic picture of hepatic clonorchiasis (2002)

Watanapa P, Watanapa WB: Liver fluke-associated cholangiocarcinoma (2002)

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Cells4research works with Covance and TNT - Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Logistics as global cold chain logistics partners.

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